Noontime Concert (A pre-blog blog entry)

A year ago, I was explaining blogs to a friend, and I wrote an example blog entry to show the sort of thing I would write, if I had a blog.

Herewith, then, that blog entry, from February 2006:

Decided to go to one of the noontime concerts today -

Staking a claim on Technorati

I'm posting this so I can claim this blog on Technorati.

I actually have no idea what this entails.

However, this should link to my brand new Technorati Profile.

As they say in programming books, "Hello, world."

Lentils everywhere!

Today I made a mess of lentil soup. (Literally.) A pound of lentils, an enormity of water, carrots and celery and potatoes, several leaves of lacy purple and latticed-red-and-green chard, served with very garlickly garlic bread. Just splendid.

And then putting up the leftovers, of course, they get all over the sink and the counter. Ah well. It'll be nice, though, having soup for Sunday dinner, and probably for lunch on Friday. Likely to be enough left over to freeze, too.

A big batch of soup every month seems to be a Good Thing. I think I'll try white bean soup in March.

Milan Streetcar

The other night I was waiting to catch a bus on Market Street. As the bus pulled up, a boxy orange streetcar pulled up behind it.

I love the San Francisco streetcars. I take them every chance I get - but I'd never been on one of the orange Milan streetcars before.

Wooden benches! Beautiful lacquered wood, wood trim between the windows ...

Instructions in Italian on plaques affixes to the walls ...

The World Rushed In, p. 275

I'm always in the middle of half a dozen books. One of the ones I'm reading at the moment is The World Rushed In, which I picked up at a garage sale for a buck.

(Garage sales and library sales have ruined me for regular book-buying. If it costs more than a dollar, I can rarely bring myself to buy it.)

When I picked it up, I thought it was a basic historical account of the Gold Rush. It turns out to be a much more interesting thing: one man's Gold Rush diary, supplemented with excerpts from other Gold Rush diaries.

Starting from home

"Home is where one starts from."
-- T.S. Eliot

I've been wanting a place for my thoughts, reactions to the books I'm reading, and especially a place to record all those things that delight me.

Now, I have a place.

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